1. Maximized the fire water discharge capability and a protection area
(More than 20 minutes of water discharge with over 1450 L water / Discharge distance: 17 – 20 m / Flow amount: over 65 L/min)
2. Enable to serve as a fire hydrant thanks to the applicability of emergency alarm devices (transmitter, lamp, bell, visual alarm)
3. Easy to move to load water thanks to the applicability of caster wheels
4. Easy to supply power through the connection of AC 220V (single phase) power
5. Enable to select general hose 25A X 15 m or hose reel 25 m
6. Enable to use continuously without disposal thanks to its portability, compared to other simple hydrants
Places to apply: traditional markets, construction sites, plant sites, etc. (for initial fire suppression)

  • YMTS-A1 A Type(Basic)

  • YMTS-B1 B Type(High-grade type)
MODEL YMTS-A1 A Type(Basic) YMTS-B1 B Type(High-grade type)
dimension (mm) 780(L) X 1580(W) X 1683 (H)
Water amount (L) Over 1,450 L
Pump capacity 134 – 150 (L/min), 30 – 39 (m), 1.1 – 1.5 (HP)
Shooting range 17 – 20 (m)
Flow rate Over 65 L/min
Hose style (Selectable) Single jacket, 25A X 15 m, 0.7 MPa – 2 EA
Hose-reel 25A X 25 m, 0.7 MPa – 1 EA (KFI Approved)
Hose cabinet O
Transmitter and alarm device N/A O
Wheel style or Low weight For High weight (8B caster wheel)
Terminal block N/A O
Fixed jig for metal heater O
Metal heater Selectable (Extra charge)

* We are not responsible for any product malfunction or fire that occurs when using other equipment other than the above products.