Company Identity

With a red color symbolizing fire and black color representing metal, the company logo expresses the strong image of firefighting equipment manufacturing. The letters “Y” and “S,” which are the initials of Yooksong, are visualized in a unified and balanced image to symbolize future and technology-oriented management philosophy of our company.

Margin Rules

In order to maintain the structural characteristics of Yooksong identity, the symbol and the logo must be surrounded by a certain amount of margin, which must adhere to the minimum margin rule.

Minimum Margin Rule
When using Yooksong company identity, sufficient amounts
of margins must be secured in accordance with the margin rule.
If the height of the logo isX, 0.5X amount of margins to all four sides
must be present.

Color System

  • Colors
    The colors are representative materials expressing the company
    identity,and must be used on a white background.

  • Black and White
    The black and white logo cannot be used unless printed
    on a black and white media platform.